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With their ambition to recognise the importance of the people in their organisation and the support of the team at Remarkable, Gateway Shared Services have been on an improvement journey. 

As a dynamic, not-for-profit consortium of ten Scottish local authorities awarded Silver accreditation in 2015, they used their survey and assessment results to put a plan in place resulting in Gold standard award in 2018 and the highest level Platinum award in 2021.

Established in 1989, Gateway Shared Services provide a range of high quality career and learning-related products and services to our consortium partners, other local authorities and various public sector organisations.

Gateway delivers it’s services with a team of 20 staff who are all Glasgow City Council employees, The team includes, web developers and designers, editorial staff, health & safety officers and work experience administrators and management.

They are deeply committed to helping young people achieve their full potential by providing services which support Careers Education and the Education sector. 28 out of 32 Scottish Local Authorities use at least one of their services.

Their core web based services are developed collaboratively with Local Authority users and include

As a result of  a change in Senior management in 2017 their new business plan identified the need to become more focused on collaboration and continuous improvement to achieve their business objectives and grow the business.

This required a cultural change and more empowerment and involvement of staff to achieve their objectives.

The IIP staff survey and assessments in 2018 helped to identify areas for improvement and put a plan in place to address these. This included a review and implementation of new KPIs. Introduction of a new performance coaching and review process and a focus on staff development needs including training on LEAN principles.

Remarkable supported Gateway Shared Services by facilitating a a values workshop where all staff were involved in identifying the new organisational values – the 3 Cs

  1. Customer Focussed – Meeting our customer needs;
  2. Collaborative – Working together for success; and
  3. Continuously Improving – Moving forward to deliver quality and value.


The range of services provided by Gateway

We wanted to recognise the importance of people in our business and be recognised as an organisation that puts people at the heart of what they do.  As IIP is a world-recognised standard that reflects the very best in people management excellence, it was the right choice for us.

As a result of their improvement journey to achieve IIP Platinum, they have increased customers and revenue and embedded continuous improvement and collaboration as part of their culture.

Some of the strengths identified in their recent assessment report are featured to the right.

"IIP is an excellent framework to support organisations who want to focus on their people management and develop their business. "

High levels of communication and engagement ensure all members of staff have a clear understanding of your Vision, Mission Statement and Values. As a high performing organisation everyone from day one is empowered, given their own workload, and is very much involved in the decision-making process. Feedback on performance is frequent and coaching from managers is very much a day-to-day activity. Members of staff really enjoy working for Gateway Services and feel very valued and appreciated for the work they carry out.

As a not for profit organisation Gateway Shared Services strategy is based on fulfilling the needs of their core partners by providing them with the best available resources at the lowest possible cost

Their core focus is to continue to deliver services which support stakeholders and customers to deliver on Education priorities including Developing the Young Workforce and the Career Education Standard.  The shift to increased digital learning because of COVID-19 means their services are more relevant than ever.

Over the next 3 years their business focus is on:

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