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By 2025, research suggests, Millennials and Gen Z’s will make up 75% of the workforce. Many employers have an ageing workforce with skills shortages and have yet to embrace Young People and maximise their unique talents and skills, others are losing Young People to their competition. 

Understanding Young People inside and outside of your organisation is mission critical to ensure sustainable business success. Those getting this right are attracting a talent pipeline with critical skills, developing and retaining future leaders, and leveraging the talents of their Young People to propel their business further and gain competitive advantage.

Remarkable inspires people and organisations to achieve their ambitions. We know about Young People; and our credibility and expertise has enabled us to support over 1000 organisations to achieve high performing youth employment practices. Over 500 of which have achieved the Investors in Young People accreditation. So we really know about Young People and their creativity, ambition and desire to be effective contributors and make an impact. 

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How will Investors in Young People benefit you?

• Discover and embrace new and emerging Youth Employment practices to attract, engage, develop and retain Young People and gain competitive advantage
• Position yourself as an employer of choice to attract new talent with critical skills for the future and reduce recruitment costs
• Embrace change, understand future customers’ needs, influence sector challenges, survive in a digital world and enter new markets through leveraging the voice and talents of Young People
• Develop and retain future leaders
• Achieve harmony across the generations in the workplace
• Create solutions for skills gaps to support succession planning
• Support the Mental Health and Financial wellbeing of Young People

Furthermore, the Investors in Young People accreditation recognises organisations that have effective Youth Employment practices and provides recommendations, advice, and consultancy for stretch and challenge. 



A sound investment for Scotland Launched in 2014, Investors in Young People is a good practice framework, designed to support employers in all sectors, to develop their youth employment practices to attract, recruit, develop and retain Young People. Accreditation can be achieved across four levels: Standard, Silver, Gold and now a new Platinum level.

The 3rd generation framework is based on research and insights into emerging best practice for Young People in the workplace and was developed in consultation with Young People themselves, as well as with a broad range of stakeholders - including education providers, employability and learning providers, Scottish Government, Skills Development Scotland, Developing Young Workforce groups and a selection of Standard, Silver and Gold Investors in Young People accredited organisations of all sizes and across all sectors.

Emerging trends and new initiatives were identified to support the new Platinum Level and to refresh the existing Standard, Silver and Gold Levels. The new features stretch employers to excel in areas such as Mental Health and Financial Wellbeing, Fair Work Practices, Meta Skills model to drive Scotland’s Future, Community Engagement, Reverse Mentoring and Coaching, Intergenerational Harmony, influencing change in the workplace, sector and wider industry, business education and impact measures for success.
Organisations can engage with Investors in Young People in a number of ways including an external assessment to achieve accreditation, a Health Check, consultancy advice or bespoke development workshops. 

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