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What is the ‘New Reality Working’ Diagnostic Tool? 
Understand how your employees are really feeling about returning to work in the ‘New Reality’ workplace.

At Remarkable we understand that organisations will now be thinking about and devising plans as to how to return to ‘new reality’ business and operations. Leaders are considering their options, driven by the commercial, customer and supplier situation that is unique for them.

We also understand that as an organisation you will be working hard planning the practical aspects of returning to ‘new reality working’ but have you considered the emotional aspects of returning to new reality working for your team?

In direct response to this Remarkable has introduced a ‘New Reality Working’ survey and insight tool to help you as employers to be fully aware of the range and depth of employee views. This independently facilitated survey enables you to be better informed without employees feeling they are disloyal / complaining / at risk of losing their jobs if they are honest with their views and situation. It also allows organisations to demonstrate their leadership of people and business and gives a platform to start the conversations and share your vision around new reality working.

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What difference will this make to your organisation?

• Your employees will be actively engaged in the return to ‘new reality’ planning and given a confidential platform from which to offer ideas and suggestions that may benefit them as individuals and impact positively on the business

• Your employees will see their Leaders performing highly, leading to greater trust and commitment to new reality working

• Your employees will be more confident to return to work, knowing you have heard their concerns and taken actions to mitigate risk for them as well as the business

• You will lessen the amount of challenge and emotionality that HR and line managers will experience from employees

• You will be able to establish new ways of working with the consent of employees, so they are committed to sticking with the rules in everyone’s interests

• New working practices are will more quickly adopted and embedded as the new reality across the organisation
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