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An effective board is crucial to the success and sustainability of an organisation. Over and above ensuring effective governance, an organisation’s board play a crucial role in determining an organisation’s strategy and behaviour.

We know that the quality and effectiveness of a board is an essential indicator of successful and sustainable organisations – an effective board collectively drives forward the organisation’s vision and objectives and is made up of the right people.

We have taken our insights and research and developed the good practice framework Developing Remarkable Boards.

Organisations who have achieved the Developing Remarkable Boards good practice framework award have seen a marked improvement in:

  • capability, performance and productivity
  • motivation and morale
  • the effectiveness of their boards

What is the Developing Remarkable Boards framework?

The Developing Remarkable Boards framework has been developed to help organisations review and improve their practices. We work alongside organisations providing advice and guidance to support them in developing and evaluating the good practice that will help them achieve their outcomes.

How does the framework work in practice?

The Developing Remarkable Boards framework is purposely designed to be flexible and to meet the needs of individual organisations. Our experts work on site with every organisation to understand and assess what is working well and what can be improved.

We start by speaking to board members, senior leaders and managers; we find out about the organisation, its goals, its challenges and its ideas for improvement; and we observe the organisation’s current ways of working, its culture and practices. All of these provide a benchmark of the organisation’s performance against our good practice framework.

And by using the framework itself organisations are demonstrating that they have identifying the development of their board members as a key determinant of their success. The framework provides a structured mechanism for executives and non-executives alike to feedback on the effectiveness of the board and allows sensitive issues to be raised and acknowledged by the board.

Once we have completed our consultative assessment we,

  • use the framework as a road map to plan for the successful recruitment, development and succession planning of board members
  • provide expert, independent and objective feedback, insights and recommendations that make a difference
  • provide organisations with a written report for action and reference

And we can continue to work with the organisation to support its goals and ambitions.

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