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Your people are your most valuable commodity. Central to the success of any organisation – whatever their size or sector – is the right blend of talent, motivation and leadership.

The We invest in people accreditation is a flexible and progressive framework tailored to individual needs - the foundation for a profitable and sustainable organisation. The 3 year accreditation provides an independent and objective organisational review and bespoke solutions #MakeWorkBetter 

For nearly 30 years Investors in People has been recognised internationally as a leading people accreditation, making work better for over 11 million people.

“Investing in the long term training and development of our staff has been extremely beneficial... Occupancy results have increased year on year and our TripAdvisor reviews are consistently positive”, Stobo Castle, working with Remarkable since 1996

“We Invest in People is a good place to start on your own journey to be the employer that everyone wants to work for”, Mctaggart & Mickel, working with Remarkable since 2007

Nearly two thirds (57%) of organisations think We Invest in People helps their staff be more productive.*

And over 75% of We Invest in People organisations in Scotland say it has had a positive impact, particularly around employee engagement, learning effectiveness and organisation performance.**

We Invest in People supports and challenges organisations to navigate and interpret the opportunities of doing business in the 21st century in innovative and creative ways; opportunities such as technology, succession planning, flexible working; and challenges such as ineffectual decision making, absenteeism, employee disengagement.

By delivering objective and independent insights, stretch and inspiration We Invest in People enables ambitious organisations innovate and maintain their competitive edge to deliver outstanding client experiences and increase prosperity.

We Invest in People is not about paperwork nor is it an audit or a rigid assessment. It is about listening to organisations, talking to them and becoming their critical friend to develop action-orientated, positive solutions that are unique and fit for purpose. It recognises employer brands that are committed to looking after their people, engaging them and building trust - it is the only international standard that aligns ambition and people. 


*(Source: Investors in People, Community Interest Company, UK)

**(Source: IIP Impact Research, University of Glasgow, 2015)

We Invest Inpeople
Award levels

There are 4 levels of award - Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum (top 1% of organisations). Within each of these there 4 levels of “maturity” (Developed, Established, Advanced and High Performing). Each level is more progressive and challenging than the next and each award is a fantastic recognition in its own right.

Online survey

Organisations can work towards the full accreditation; or they can choose to participate in IIP40 – the We Invest in People online survey containing 40 questions. The survey enables organisations to measure the impact of what they are doing by independently collating anonymous feedback from across the business. It provides initial solutions on what’s working well and where organisations can improve.

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